Yoga and Physiotherapy

Being a Yoga teacher is the perfect adjunct to my Physiotherapy toolkit. Just a simple assessment of a few Yoga postures can really determine which body parts are really hindering a person. These postures can then be prescribed for the Client to work on in their daily lives. For example Child’s Pose will assess hip flexion, knee flexion, lumbar flexibility and ankle flexibility. In addition to working on multiple areas, it is also a deeply restorative posture and is excellent for stress. Another great benefit of Yoga for Clients is in building confidence. An example is how for some people being on the floor is not part of everyday life, so encouraging some floor work can be helpful in a person getting used to getting up and down from the floor. This can be critical in the elderly population.

I like to prescribe a few Yoga postures for Patients to work on themselves. Anything to encourage daily time out to reconnect a person to their bodies is so beneficial. In today’s busy world our body needs our attention more then ever. I offer one to one sessions and also small group sessions that can be bespoke to the needs of the group Contact the clinic today and I look forward to helping you :).

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