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Don’t settle for less, our experienced and highly skilled Physiotherapist is here to serve you and   treat you from all your discomfort.


Our skilled Physiotherapists will assess your problem and aim to help with a diagnosis and treatment in the first session. We will draw on a range of tools to assist you in getting back on track ASAP. Physiotherapy includes hands on therapy, electrotherapy, rehabilitation and a tailor made exercise programme.

Home visits within 5 miles

There are many reasons why you may not be able to drive or walk into our clinic and a home visit is perfect for these circumstances. We have machines and a portable physiotherapy couch to offer Physiotherapy in your own home. We can always send on your exercise programme following the first visit.


Acupuncture is learned by many Physiotherapists as part of further education. We mainly learn acupuncture for helping with pain. At Steina Physiotherapy we have given acupuncture to hundreds of Clients for neck pain, back pain, hip pain, knee pain, ankle pain, elbow pain, wrist pain and more. So many Clients have enjoyed the benefits of acupuncture.


At Steina Physiotherapy we have Therapists that are APPI Pilates trained. For further information on this Pilates look at: https://appihealthgroup.com/

Pilates is amazing way to learn ho to rehabilitate your own body. It really is fine tuning certain muscle groups specific to your needs to get you as healthy and pain free as possible. With Pilates you can begin at any level and build up week by week to achieve your goals. You can book a one to one session or just have some basic needed exercises as part of your exercise programme.


Yoga fits in really well with Physiotherapy. Whether its just some simple postures added into your session to aid you getting on track or if you need a one to one session to really get going on improving all your joints and muscles and your well being. Mats are supplied in the clinic for your session or bring your own.

Anybody can do Yoga and that’s the beauty. You can do Yoga in your chair, on your sofa, on your bed or standing in your kitchen! Book a session today with an experienced therapist.

Corporate/Occupational Health

Support your staff and work place with our skilled Physiotherapists. We can offer ‘Better Back classes’ for the staff that sit or drive all day long. Prevention is better than cure!
We can treat individual clients if they are struggling.

Insurance Referrals

We are providers for AXA, Vitality Health, Overland Health, Bodycare, Nuffield Health, AVIVA, The Physiotherapy Network, David Philips and Partners, Cigna and more. We can offer receipts for claiming back from Medicash and Health Sheilds.

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