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Here at Steina Physiotherapy our chartered Physiotherapists are experts in treating Musculo-skeletal pain and dysfunction. We aim to give you the tools and knowledge to make you feel better and help you understand any underlying causes. We also want to give you preventative strategies so that you are empowered and know what you can do yourself.

About Us

Steina Physiotherapy began a journey in 1989 and has provided thousands of treatments to Patients from Maghull and the surrounding areas. Our Physiotherapists are fully registered with the Chattered Society Of Physiotherapy.

What We Do

Our Services

We provide top notch Physiotherapy services in Liverpool. Our services include: Acupuncture, Pilates, Yoga and many more...

What We Treat

Steina Physiotherapy we offer treatment of various kinds of body pain such as; Neck & Back Problems, Joint Pains, Repetitive Injury/Overuse and more..

Remote Sessions

Due to the current situation with Covid-19 it is understandable that Patients may not want to come and have face to face sessions.

HPCP & CSP Accredited

Steina Physiotherapy is registered and accredited by Health Professional Association as well as a member of Chattered Society Of Physiotherapy

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Julie at Steina Physiotherapy was amazing. She quickly got to the root of where my pain was stemming from and I felt much better after just 2 sessions. Would highly recommend.

Linda P.

Local Patient

Highly Recommend Steina Physiotherapy

Recently went for physio as my back had gone into spasm, Julie was brilliant and talked me through everything and made me feel so comfortable there. Within 2 days I was walking around again with nearly all my movement back and hardly any pain. By the time I went back a couple of days later I was pain free!! Highly recommend going there if your struggling if I would of gone to my doctors I would still be off work now. I can’t thank her enough for the help I received.

Siobhan. M

Local Patient

Excellent Service

I had a physio session with Julie; having contacted her on the Thursday I was offered an appointment that Saturday which was fantastic.
Julie was very professional & personable, worked wonders with my neck & gave great follow up exercises and information for me to continue with my treatment/recovery at home. Excellent service, would highly recommend.

Lesley R.

Local Patient

Featured Blog Post

Being a Yoga teacher is the perfect adjunct to my Physiotherapy toolkit. Just a simple assessment of a few Yoga postures can really determine which body parts are really hindering a person. These postures can then be prescribed for the Client to work on in their daily lives. For example Child’s Pose will assess hip …
The body likes movement and the mind likes stillness. The link between emotions and the physical body is well known in traditions such as Chinese medicine. When we can cultivate time to help our bodies then healing can take place. Yoga and Pilates are made for just this. I offer one to one sessions and/or …
Physiotherapist taught Yoga and Pilates is excellent for rehabilitation of the body with pain or injury. To establish more mind/body connection is key to optimum body health. Being led in Yoga and Pilates one to one is such a treat for the body/mind. To be guided safely into postures with your breath will bring you …

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